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Daisy Cheatham


Elementary and Middle School Lead

Welcome to our CMASAS elementary school team! We are so excited to have you on this unique journey. We are truly a global community, and you will meet students and teachers from all over the US and the world at our school. My name is Daisy Cheatham, and I am the elementary school Educational Lead. I am also a PEC (Personalized Education Coach) and foreign language and electives instructor for CMASAS. I have been fortunate enough to work for our school for over 10 years, and I love it more every year. Outside of work, my interests and hobbies include reading, cooking, gardening, hiking, walking on the beach, traveling, and learning as many languages as I can! 


CMASAS offers a unique and personalized educational experience. We believe in mastery-based learning rather than “teaching to a test” and rote memorization. Students are offered the opportunity to personalize their courses based on their interests and schedule. Each PEC assigned to a student becomes more than a teacher and advisor; in our model, they become an extended part of your family who cheers and supports your child right alongside you. The elementary PEC is both course instructor, advisor, and advocate for the student. They will get to know your child as a student and person very well over the course of their journey with us. 


At the elementary school level, we offer some core courses written inhouse by our amazing curriculum team. We also offer Spanish, art, and technology electives, and many school clubs where students can engage with peers and other teachers to foster a deeper relationship. Additionally, we offer weekly, engaging homerooms led by their PEC that connects students to their school community on our Microsoft Teams meeting platform. Elementary students are also given the opportunity to participate in monthly Student Council events, assemblies, and in-person gatherings. These school-wide events are a great way for our younger students to get to know their older school leaders and classmates! Finally, I would like to heartily welcome you to CMASAS! If you have been here a while or if you are just beginning your journey with us, we are honored to have been given your trust in educating and supporting your child. We look forward to walking this path with you! Please take a minute to learn more about all of the amazing things we have to offer your elementary student in my video.


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