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Dear Fellow Alumni,


As a member of the Class of 2019, I'd like to personally invite you to get involved with the new CMASAS Alumni organization by following us on social media.


Whether you are from the class of 2009 or 2023, we hope to give you a way to strengthen your connections with each other and the school. We want to engage your participation and offer opportunities to deepen your relationship with CMASAS and the greater alumni community.


We would love to hear your stories and learn where your education at CMASAS has taken you. There will be a running submission of ClassNotes to promote major milestones, spotlights, and news features on this dedicated Alumni webpage.


CMASAS will also be hosting alumni events in person and virtually to give opportunities to come together and share our memories. Stay connected through social media and keep visiting this new web page.


Read my recent Spotlight under my photo. I look forward to learning about yours. Please fill out this survey to be featured.


Gaby Reece 
Class of 2019

  • Bennett Balogh

    Bennett Balogh
    Class of 2022
    "CMASAS was an absolute game-changer for me as a competitive athlete. One of the greatest advantages was the flexibility..."
  • Sarah Fellows

    Sarah Fellows
    Mother of Daniel '23 and Andrew - Grade 12
    "Choosing CMASAS for our family was a game-changer. It perfectly supported my professional tennis player son ...