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Evette Nowicki
Course Instructor- Math
Bachelors of Science, Civil Engineering
Bachelors of Science, Architectural Engineering
Masters of Arts, Education-High School Mathematics
Certified HS Math Instructor Colorado
Certified HS Math Instructor Florida
Highly Qualified Math Instructor-High School

Evette Nowicki loves teaching math. Named Christa McAuliffe Academy School of Arts and Sciences (CMASAS) Teacher of the Year in 2019, Evette has taught math for the high school and middle school. She has experience teaching and tutoring in all math classes from Pre-Algebra through Calculus and has also taught SAT prep classes (math portion). During her undergraduate studies, Evette focused on math and science and received two degrees in Engineering. Evette believes that every student can be successful in a challenging math curriculum given appropriate support and effort. Her goal is to inspire every student and help them get excited about math. Evette lives in St. Augustine, Florida with her husband of 28 years and two sons, ages 24 and 27. She and her family enjoy various outdoor pursuits, as well as athletic endeavors. Their favorite times together include family game nights, hiking, and walking with their dog, Coco. Evette's personal hobbies include swimming, reading, crossword puzzles, brain games, and walking on the beach.